The word beebi comes from Estonian and means small child. So it is a clear and accurate expression of our main focus :-) The symbol of our beebi is a baby penguin, whose development is attentively watched by its parents from the time before its egg hatches until it grows up. You can read the entire story of our beebi.

beebi s.r.o. was founded by Jana Jež, inspired by her son Danielek. She sought help from photographer and graphic artist Iveta Kulhavá, illustrator Lucka Muchovičová and, last, but not least, CHILDREN! From our complete immersion into the children’s world and due to our fascination with their illustrations, we focused on fulfilling our idea of a company that would be fully devoted to the needs of a child.

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About beebi

About little beebi

Where did beebi come from?

Would you like to know where beebi came from? Then come along, and together we will take a look at the South Pole, in icy Antarctica, where his story began.

Do you know how frozen Antarctica can be? Even if you were to turn into ice cream in the freezer, you would never have experienced such a harsh winter anywhere else. And now just imagine that someone wanted to put you in such a winter. Brrr... Of course, it is true that until now you were only hidden in an egg, although, now it would be about time to show yourself to the world in the entire parade of penguins. But who would want to leave a warm egg shell?

Yet that’s what happens to every little penguin when the egg starts to feel too small… So the egg hatches, whether the penguin wants it to or not! However, the penguin's parents are already looking forward to the baby penguin hatching. They cannot wait for it to happen! After all, they took care of that egg.

And so when they first hear the crackling of the egg shell, they get excited and watch with suspense, crack by crack. What will their offspring be like? And who will the baby most resemble? The mother? The father? Will the baby have a beard? And what do these freshly hatched offspring look like?

Ah! It's getting close. Beak, head, wings, paws... Carefully, we see the head, just don’t fall off the ice. And you're entirely out! But you’re so small... Smaller than that snowball, smaller than... We’ll call you beebi! Our little one.

And so it stayed with me. My penguin parents started calling me beebi as soon as they first saw me. My father read a lot and studied languages, and so at first glance I thought of one word, which had been learnt in a certain lesson. And I am now that word. It’s my name. Although I eat a lot and am growing a lot, that changes nothing for my parents, and they will continue to consider me their little beebi.

Making of beebi


Taking photos didn’t just make the children happy :-)

Jana Jež

Where did you come up with the idea to set up a company focused on babysitting?

I held a management position for many years, and one of my priorities was building my career. When I was 35, our son Daniel was born. Since at the time I was managing a mid-sized company, it was necessary to return soon after the six weeks puerperium back into the work process and come to terms with my new role as a mother, a role involving caring for my newborn son and caring for the functioning of the entire family.

I started looking for the right nanny for my son, and that was when I discovered what various agencies offered in the area of childcare. The process was lengthy and relatively time-consuming, but it opened my eyes and got me to consider how to help other families with finding the babysitting. And it also made me consider how to help fresh mothers decide that they could not juggle work and childcare alone and that there would be nothing wrong with asking for help. Since I had doubts during the first weeks and was worried that if I was not with my son 24 hours a day, I could not be the right “super mom”.

At the beginning of 2014, I accepted another professional challenge, or perhaps more of a personal one, in the form of a company that would provide childcare services. And I must say that in setting up how the company should work properly and how to present the company, what to expect from nannies, etc., I was helped the most by three things: first, when I myself as a client of a childcare agency was searching for a nanny for my son, I addressed several agencies, and the presented nannies did not even slightly correspond to my expectations; the second thing – I am a mother, so I know the most about what I expect from someone with whom I entrust my children, who are most precious to me; the third thing was my experience from business and my management skills – beebi must function as a professional company that fulfils all formal requirements and expectations for an offer of such demanding services as childcare; and there was in fact a fourth thing, the support and trust I received from those closest to me, especially from my husband Dan and my son Danielek as well as from Iveta, a young but experienced and enthusiastic lady, thanks to whom beebi is not just a photo-bank website with a purchased website template – but you will find out more about that on this site :-)


Tým lidí, který se podílel na vzniku beebi